Why don't you/Make up your mind

Why don't you/Make up your mind is an on-going research around the topic of choice making.

How do we make choices, in what way, why, what part of our brain is operating in order to take different choices...

Being applied on movement, this resolves into the constant engagement of the performer's awareness and the breaking of movement and thinking patterns, in order to create a unique, unexpected, intriguing to do and intriguing to watch way of moving.

Through the physical expression, the topic is presented in different ways that are relater to different areas in daily life and in society.

The performance brings in front of the public two dancers whose bodies and movements are following some decision-making principles, but whose actions are rather the result of chance, unknown, randomness or even error. Like this the concepts of the projects applies directly to the body of the performer, which becomes the embodiment of an idea instead of a body transmitting a narrative.

This project is planned to be a long on-going process, which will be presented to the public after each working period. The idea behind it is to share and expose the process itself rather then a final product, and to allow our audience to be part of this creation.

Idea and choreography: Shai Faran
Performance: Kim Ceysens and Shai Faran
Artistic advice: Martin Kilvady