It's About Time

"In our society, as well as in my personal life, there is an idea of what it means to “use time in the best way”. This often means doing more, producing more, working harder and improving in a linear way. But life, I believe, is more of a process than a collection of products. Life happens all the time. It's not linear and it's not always going forward, and in life, sometimes "more" can mean different things. This work is dealing with different ways of sensing time and relating to it. from being in the speed of our busy city inviruments to experiencing the slowness of vast and endless nature landscapes."

The piece was created with the support of Heima Art Residency in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland, and will premier as part of the Submerge Festival in Lake Studios, Berlin, at the end of July 2021.

Dance & Choreography: Shai Faran
Music: Yehezkel Raz
Costume: Theresa Kretsch