My interest as a teacher lies in processes .

My classes consists of things I gathered through the years and things I have developed myself. Nowadays, my work is based on Open Form, which I'm using as a tool in order to explore, research and practice different movement principles and abilities. (See more information under "Researching"). While using Open Form as a main tool of practice and learning, my work is highly technical in the sense of specificity, precision and challenge in the physical work.

I like to work with two main approaches- one approach is to observe what is happening in our body while moving and dancing, analyse it, give it clarity, define and refine it, break it down to segments and develop global awareness to the whole body. The other approach is to observe what is missing in the dancing and the movement and targeting those points in order to expend the range of possibilities in movement and expression.

The combination of both approaches gives basic tools for understanding of our movement possibilities, patterns and habits and at the same time increasing the range of possibilities by developing new patterns and facing choice making.

I am interested in movement, musicality, habits, freedom of choice, expressiveness, coordination and limiting the possibilities of movement in order to find new things and options and to gain freedom.

I'm teaching in different frames such as universities, BA and MA programs, structures and schools for high education in dance, professional dance training, intensive workshops, privets sessions, from beginners to advanced movers and to people with different backgrounds who are interested in widening their movement vocabulary.
The classes are adjusted to the level of the students and offer an individual and direct feedback, which helps the participants to progress according to their own rhythm.
For workshops descriptions, booking and more information, contact me through the Contact page.

In addition to that, I also provide online training service, which is based or individual written programs, video submissions and detailed feedback with the aim to support people with constance guidance and personal communications for the best results. for more details you can write to shai.faran@gmail.com with the subject line "Online Training".