Sensitive Chaos

Together with the music composed by Yehezkel Raz, the space and light design by Vera Pulido and the choreography by Shai Faran, this dance piece blends the senses and the perception of the space and invites the spectators to get absorbed in an experience rather than witness it from outside.
Using layers of sounds, voices, materials and textures, the work is hinting that there is more in our world than meets the eye and that letting those hidden layers come to life through our human body can be a tool for questioning our perception of reality.

„Sensitive Chaos“ is a dance piece inspired and informed by the extensive research of the scientist Theodor Schwenk, who exposed through his work the detailed beauty that is being expressed through movement in all the materials around us as well as the unseen forces that are part of what can be called the esoteric and mysterious layers of our world.

Choreography: Shai Faran
Dance: Susanne Grau, Anna Nowicka, Shai Faran
Music: Yehezkel Raz
Space and light designer: Vera Pulido
Outside eye: Sigal Zouk and Mikael Marklund
Costume advice: Lee Meir
Production: Tiphaine Carrere and Micayla Smith
Photos: Bart Grietens

A production in co-production with DOCK ART, supported by Take Heart-Research Fund of the Fonds Darstellende Künste, the Dis-Tanz-Solo-Fonds of the NeuStart Kultur Fonds, the ArtsIceland Residency Center in Isafjordur Iceland and Diorama Berlin.