Imagine the huge difference of the expression that comes from different positioning of your head in relation to the body. Now think that you don't have a head. Now think that you have a head but it's not connected to the body, but rather your head is somewhere else in the room, or in the world. Can we make the audience see that?

How does small and subtle changes can make a huge difference on the way that we see things. Changes in the way that we position ourselves, changes in the way that we use the space, how do we touch and where, where do we look, how do we move...

How much of the affect of those changes is decided by the way that we are used to see things and how much is changeable and open to the watcher's translation.
We feel things and then express them through movement, but what about moving and then listening to how it feels like…?

WE (working title), is a dance about body expressions, communication, interpretation and five dancing women.

Idea and choreography: Shai Faran
Dance: Aya Steigman, Nitzan Lederman, Naama Ityel, Tea Harryson and Shai Faran.

As part of a residency programm of Dance-Tech at the Lake Studios Berlin, I'm writing a weekly blog post about the process of the work.
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Photos by Bart Greitens