Open Doors Residency LaborGras

How do different people translate the same information?
What is affecting this translation? What is the information?
Why do different bodies work with the same input and get a different result?

This is the result of our practice and research in two weeks.
We were working with the same physical tasks and information and observing the individuality of the translation of this information.

We experienced different inputs with the body and with our movement, some that were initiated by us and some that were forced from outside.

We were working with using the physicality in order to find the expressiveness and the situations, while staying loyal to the tasks and the qualities that were proposed.
Our four qualities were:
- Moving from the inside
- Moving in reverse
- Using the body while leaving ourselves outside of it
- Dancing to the music

With each quality we did a process of finding different ways to understand it, to define it, and to make things that are common to all of us in the way of approaching it.

Then we put our individuality on top of it and played with what it gives.
When things started to get clearer in the body and in the mind, we decided to put all the information that we collected in the space, together.

Choreography and idea: Shai Faran
Dancers: Marcio Canabarro, Zoltan Vakulya and Shiran Eliaserov.
Music: Hungarian Dance- Brahms, Sigur Ros & Steindor Andersen.