A solo piece I created during my time in SEAD, Salzburg, in 2011.

The piece followed a long research that was dealing with the few ideas:
Moving the body from the inside and moving the body from the outside focusing on three main ideas:
-How these two "parts" of the body can move in the same time but against each other.
-How this two parts can move in parallel, accepting the other.
-And how to move from both parts, combining the flow and movement of the two but still initiating the movement from both of them.

On top of this there was the idea of a specific state of mind: how can I observe everything from outside.
Using the body as a smart instrument that have enough knowledge to move by itself. Trying to be a tube, without taking decisions, and letting the body do what it knows. Trying to stay only with the vocabulary that I already have in my body.

In the piece I made a structure (the movement material itself is improvised) which is passing through all the ideas and exploring how they can come together and co-exist.

Music: Trioon ii- Alva Noto, Innocence- Bjork.